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The road forward is the road back

Courtesy of Akratic Wizardry, I stumbled upon this interesting interview with Bruce Cordell and Richard J. Schwalb, who’ve been designing the 5e D&D rules.  They openly state that 4th Edition “blew up D&D,” and Schwalb offers this insightful critique of … Continue reading

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What’s meant by “old school”?

I’ve thought a lot about what, exactly, we mean when we talk about “old school” Dungeons & Dragons.  You could argue that the difference is merely chronological, but I think that definition would be unsatisfactory to a lot of OSR … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Bastion

In general, I’m wary of public nostalgia. Way I see it, older generations have an obligation to step aside as new ones come into their own.  And new generations have a right to forge their own paths to the future, … Continue reading

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