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House Rule: Human Multi-classing in old-school games

One of the design  priorities of the early editions was crafting a human-dominant world. But I’ve often questioned the game-design choices made to accomplish this goal. The  supposed strength of humanity in old-school D&D — its racial ability, if you … Continue reading

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Bunnies & Burrows: The best Old School RPG you’ve probably never heard of

I’m currently DMing a 3.5 campaign in which all the player  characters are nonhuman animals.  We meet every two weeks, and most of the group seem to be enjoying themselves a great deal.  The party consists of a black bear … Continue reading

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So, where was I, again…?

First things first… I haven’t abandoned this blog. Meatspace commitments overwhelmed me for a few weeks, but now that the holidays are here, I’ll have a bit more free time to devote to blogging… and gaming. So, hello again to … Continue reading

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