A Wild Idea; Beastly, Really

Meanwhile, I’ve been writing my own OSR game, specifically for use  with the animal fantasy genre.  It’s grown out of efforts to simplify and streamline my current 3.5 campaign, in which all the players are portraying nonhuman animals; like many DMs, I’m perennially unhappy with the rules in front of me, so I went and designed a set that suits my current interests and desires.

I’ve got a Quick Start document written already, as well as all the character classes, stats for a few species of animal, and some notes for three default settings.  My next step is to design a series of one-shot adventures with pre-generated characters, and send out invites so I can take the rules for a test run.

Needless to say, I’m reluctant to share the game with a broader public yet, but I do have the intention of ultimately making it available to  the broader gaming community, possibly with a Kickstarter campaign.

I have no idea how to get that started, but I’ll figure it out when I’m ready.

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1 Response to A Wild Idea; Beastly, Really

  1. coyote says:

    Id really like to see how the broader public reacts to this

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