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Classic Campaign Setting Review: Spelljammer

SUMMARY: Inventive, wildly imaginative, great set of tools for the ultimate sandbox-style campaign, but suffers from too much focus on other settings and never really comes into its own. SPELLJAMMER was one of the first campaign setting boxed sets published … Continue reading

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Things To Do Different With The Drow…

Let’s be honest.  Drizzt D0Urden ruined the drow. Before he  came along, they were at least somewhat mysterious.  And not entirely predictable, either: despite their long association with The Forgotten Realms, it’s often overlooked that the dark elves first appeared … Continue reading

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Now THIS is old-school: A review of the Cavemaster RPG

There’s a school of thought which argues that a role-playing game’s mechanics should reflect or evoke its genre. I don’t agree that it’s always necessary — a good GM and her players working with a flexible set of rules they … Continue reading

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