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Things To Do Different With The Drow…

Let’s be honest.  Drizzt D0Urden ruined the drow. Before he  came along, they were at least somewhat mysterious.  And not entirely predictable, either: despite their long association with The Forgotten Realms, it’s often overlooked that the dark elves first appeared … Continue reading

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A unified d20 mechanic, old school style

One of the things that attracted me to 3.x edition D&D was its (seemingly) streamlined core d20 mechanic. Rather than cobbling together a mish-mash of different dice mechanics for different aspects of the game, 3.x pulled almost everything together under … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Bastion

In general, I’m wary of public nostalgia. Way I see it, older generations have an obligation to step aside as new ones come into their own.  And new generations have a right to forge their own paths to the future, … Continue reading

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